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Pool digger recalls finding bones beneath San Marino backyard

Jose Perez recalls how nearly 18 years ago his father held up a human skull he had found beneath a San Marino backyard they were excavating to build a pool.

A bulldozer had unearthed a fiberglass bo nike jordans x, two to three feet underground, with plastic bags inside. saw my father grab [a] bag he pulled it off to the side and mouthed to me there was bones inside, Perez said Wednesday. thought it was a dog. It didn look like a dog, and I told him to drop it. Sohus and his wife Linda disappeared in February 1985, and Linda has not been seen since.

Gerhartstreiter, who was a renter at the Sohus Lorain Road home at the time, fled about the same time the Sohuses disappeared. Gerhartstreiner is an alleged fraud, a high flyer who pretended to be a member of the Rockefeller, Mountbatten and other prominent families to gain access to high society circles in San Marino and elsewhere.

On Wednesday Gerhartstre nike jordans iner was in the Alhambra courthouse, wearing a blue jumpsuit and silver glasses, accompanied by his three attorneys. The hearing to determine whether Gerhartstreiner should be held on murder charge is expected to last at least six days.

Perez was one of the first witnesses called by Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Habib Balian.

Also taking the stand Wednesday was Lori Multz, Sohus’ half sister. At the time of Sohus death, she was not aware she had a half brother. She later provided a DNA sample to police that prosecutors intend to use to establish the bones were those of Sohus. Multz also confirmed her mother Nancy Lee Hopper writing and signature on Sohus birth certificate and adoption form.

During the proceedings Brad Bailey, one of Gerhartsreiter nike jordans attorneys, asked Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Jared Moses if he could refer to his client as Rockefeller.

how we in the law firm refer to him, Bailey said.

to him as Mr. Gerhartsreiter, Moses replied.

Adolfo Flores, Times Community NewsPhoto: Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies searched the backyard and pool of a San Marino home in 2008. Bones found in 1994 were later identified as the skeletal remains of Jonathan Sohus. His wife, Linda, has not been found. Credit: Al Seib / Los A nike jordans ngeles Times.