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Pool Cover Removal

I’m attempting to purchase a HUD foreclosure (as an OO) and it’s got a nice sized a pool in the back. It’s been winterized and covered with treated lumber, plastic (think garbage bags) and metal fencing sections. I would really like to get a pool guy out to look at the vinyl liner, but HUD’s people at Prescient are stating they won’t remove the cover.

Has anyone run into this predicament? I’m doing a 203k loan and su nike jordans ppose nike jordans dly all they need is something on a pool contractor’s letterhead saying everything’s in operational condition, or I guess a repair quote.

I talked to the guy who installed the p nike jordans ool and he said the liner’s 2 years old but has been pretty neglected. H nike jordans e said he could get it replaced for $2500 tops, but that it probably doesn’t need replacing.

We looked at a HUD or VA, I forget which that had the same sort of pool cover made out of 2×4, 2×8 Fencing, and plastic. The Feds don’t want any cover removed then some body fall into the pool like kids from the neighborhood. Its a safety issue. Other inspections are permitted but if the houses are winterized you have to re winterize after doing the inspection, (as an owner occupant) even if you back out of deal. So you have to pay for the inspection, pay for the de winterization, pay for the utilities to be turned on, pay for the utilities to be turned off and the house Re winterized.