michael jordan Point in Carrying Backpack vs

Point in Carrying Backpack vs

In Italy and Spain I often carry a cross body bag as it seems a bit less likely that someone could gain access to the bag without my being aware of it. If I am feeling really paranoid, I clip the two zips together.

In Ecuador I saw a young woman with a razor following two tourists wearing backpacks. I was clear that she intended to slash the bottom. The women prabably would have just felt a bump.

A “fanny pack” strikes me a as invitation to theft (as well as giving anyone who speaks English English, as opposed to American English, a fit of the giggles) and I rather agree with you about the faff of hidden pouches.

The Healthy Back Bags come in light weight versions, have lots of different sizes and have many internal pockets, some with zips.

Kipling also makes some useful cross body bags.

I have some trousers and a shirt with hidden zip pockets, buit they are more useful for a spare credit card than for wads of cash.

In most countries you can keep you passport in the hotel safe and carry a copy. In a country with lots of ATMs, you don need to carry large amounts of cash.

If you have credit cards with high limits michael jordan and/or a curent account with large sums (or high overdraft facitity) you could speak to your bank about opening a second account with michael jordan a more controlled amount of money in it or obtain a credit card with a lower limit. You could then travel with those credit and debit cards.

BTW, I really don know if Israel is as concerning in respect of theft as you seem to believe.

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When Im traveling around at the destination, Im carrying my Crumpler camera bag. This bag has a secure pocket in the flap that no thief could get into. And, it has a long strap and is worn across the chest. I never put this bag down even at restaurants, it is worn across my chest and in my lap. NEVER dangling off the back of the chair which I see people do all the time and think they have to be begging to be robbed. Sometimes at night, I use a smaller bag and leave the camera behind (in the room safe) I have a couple long strapped bags for this a tan Diesel one with lots of zippered pockets and a black Manhattan Portage with lots of zippered pockets.

evening For North America you are correct but not for many places in the the rest of michael jordan the world. In Asia and Europe a messenger style bag is much more common than a backpack and here in Canada and in Australia it is mainly the younger people who use backpacks. Naturally this relates to places I have been. IMO it is not possible to generalise based upon one city (NYC) even if it is a large one (but nowhere near as large as Bangkok)where soft over the shoulder cloth bags are the nor michael jordan m).