jordans Plea To Grass MowersWell,

Plea To Grass Mowers

Well, there’s an easy way to join the recycling game, consider yourself a better citizen, and actually save yourself jordans time, effort and money.

It involves something people did for years before high efficiency, motor powered lawn mowers.

Rather than collecting grass clippings, jamming them into non degradable plastic bags and dumping them in an overburdened landfill somewhere, simply leave the clippings on the lawn. Don’t collect the grass. It’s as simple as that.

Bethlehem officials are making a formal request of residents who normally collect their grass clippings and bag them for collection by a trash hauler: just bag it, so to speak. The trash disposal costs will make collecting jordans them too expensive for most, Bernhard believes.

Tim Herd recycling coordinator for Bethlehem, noted recently that grass clippings and yard waste account for 30 percent or more of the residential waste stream during the mowing season.

While officials hope to reduce the waste flow by 25 percent by recycling glass, aluminum cans, newspapers and the like, the summertime trash stream could be cut by 30 percent simply by stopping the grass express, officials said.

“Grass clippings take up an i jordans nordinate amount of unnecessary space in a high tech landfill such as ours,” Herd said. The city landfill is in the midst of an expansion, including the installation of impervious plastic liners to protect the groundwater supply from pollution.

“An alternate approach to collecting grass trimmings is to simply let the grass lay,” Herd said. The uncollected clippings serve as a source of natural fertilizer for the lawn, returning nitrogen back to the soil.

But it doesn’t look as nice when the mowing job is done, you say?

Only for a day or two, Herd replies.

If left on the ground, the clippings degrade “in just a few days” and do not contribute to grass clogging “thatch” as many people think, Herd said. The approach also saves money and the environment by eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers, Herd noted.

Avoiding over fertilization and watering of the lawn, and mowing the grass regularly, will help eliminate “lumping” and assure a smooth, even distribution of the clippings when they are left, Herd said.

“Taking something naturally biodegradable, encasing it in jordans plastic and burying it doesn’t make sense,” Herd noted, particularly in light of the landfill shortage and rising disposal costs.

“Letting your grass recycle its nutrients to your lawn” may be the easiest, and one of the most effective kinds of recycling, he said.

Herd also noted that the city’s two drop off recycling centers for newspapers tied in bundles; plastic beverage and laundry product containers; aluminum and steel cans; and clear, brown and green glass, are open seven days a week.