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Plastic Packaging Company Excellent Poly Bags Reveals Poly Mailers for Durable and Affordable Holiday Shipping

It is a polymer of ethylene, CH2=CH2, having the formula ( CH2 CH2 )n bags in a variety of

types currently promoting its affordable selection of polyAn asset for holiday shipping, plastic mailers are more affordabl jordans e

than many other packaging methods such corrugated cardboard Noun 1. corrugated cardboard cardboard with corrugations (can be glued to flat cardboard on one or both sides)cardboard, composition board a stiff moderately thick paper

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they afford clients an easy opportunity to promote themselves while

doing business. Excellent Poly offers poly mailers in many different

styles, including co extruded, mono layer, seal seal, and peel and seal

bags, in addition to mailers with permanent and resealable tape

closures. The plastic mailers are also available with environmentally

frien jordans dly Environmentally friendly, also referred to as nature friendly, is a term used to refer to goods and services considered to inflict minimal harm on the e jordans nvironment.[1] films, ideal for clients looking to promote a green image.

the holiday season, manufacturers are more concerned

with finding fast, affordable plastic packaging than ever. Our plastic

mailers fit perfectly into this category. With Excellent Poly Bags, you

get a wide range of options and guaranteed quality, great service, and

complete customer satisfaction, said Isaac Stern, Vice

President of Excellent Poly Bags Bags.

With four printing presses running on a 24 hour schedule, Excellent

Poly Bags prints up to eight colors, with a web width capability of
59 A full service art department is available to assist

customers with all of their graphic needs, from artwork to printing

plates, to help create the most relevant and high quality polyethyleneWith a typical lead time of approximately three weeks for orders,