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poohing plastic and other letters to the editor

If we are really declaring war against plastic bags, then let’s do a D Day on them only in this case, the “D” stands for “dairy.” Four litres of milk includes three small plastic bags inside one large plastic bag, often inside a plastic grocery bag.Not only are these bags not recycled, but they are a pain to open. A corner is cut off and this snippet is a choke hazard for kids and a plugging hazard for drains.If we could return to recyclable plastic or glass milk bottles, we would end tons of plastic waste, cry over less spilled milk, and begin to enjoy again the one handed, easy, spill proof opening of a nice clear bottle of milk. Here is Toronto’s chance to milk its plastic bag lead for all it’s worth.Doug Gruber, Guelph, Ont.The decision to ban the use of plastic bags was ill conceived, made without input from the public or retailers. It is an argument, dare I say, to have a senate at the city hall level a chamber of sober second thought.Derek Jansen, TorontoWhat about all the disposable diapers going into landfills? Ban them, too. The math of landfill savings is astounding.Robert Caille, Brampton, Ont.If Councillor David Shiner, who initiated the push to have plastic bags banned in Toronto, is truly concerned about the environmental impact of plastics, he should start with forgoing the case of single use water bottles in his office and get himself a couple of refillable bottles to grab when he is off to a meeting.Colleen Smith, Dundas, Ont.Rx targetsThe figures you promote are not representative of the investments made by Rx members (Lack Of Drug R Tough To Swallow editorial, June 8). By the federal government’s account, our record of investment over the past 23 years is, on average, 9.9 per cent per year. Rather close to the target of 10 per cent.A 2011 KPMG study of health research investments, developed in collaboration with the federal government, found that investments made by our members amount to more than 20 per cent above and beyond the report you quote.Our members invest more than $1 billion in Canadian life science R annually, and are consistently among the top spenders on R in Canada. We are asking for the tools to attract more.Russell Williams, president, Rx I was the head of research for two major cancer charities, we were annually frus jordan shoes trated by not having nearly enough funds to support all the glowing research we saw, yet pharma, who are big players in the oncology field, were not living up in any way to their research “obligations” under Bill C 22. I am a big proponent of reasonable patent protection, but we ought to be demanding and enforcing the requirementsalready agreed to and legislated before reopening this discussion.Michael A. Wosnick,Richmond Hill, Ont.No sympathy hereSorry, but those who aren’t willing to move to find work get no sympathy jordan shoes from me (Stuck In Place: The Mobility Problem Report on Business, June 7). Last year, I worked in Alberta for eight months; I saw my family for nine days in total during that time. Now, I am in Newfoundland, working for 14 days in a month and lucky to be home for a week per month.Difficult? Sure. Necessary? Yes. My work pays for a roof over their head, food in their bellies and clothes on their backs. I am slowly paying toward four college or university educations and, I hope, a retirement though from the looks of it, I’ll work till I die.N. Emson, HalifaxTeztan BinyThe proposed mine near Teztan Biny (Fish Lake) is not a case of first nations and environmentalists pitted against non native residents. A significant proportion of the non native po jordan shoes pulation of Williams Lake and the Cariboo region stand firmly behind the Tsilhqot’in Nation in our opposition to this project (Fish Lake Mine Offers Test Case For Tory Environmental Rules June 6).Many of these residents have the same concerns that the independent expert panel found: immitigable significant impacts to fish, fish habitat, grizzlies and a devastation to Tsilhqot’in culture, regardless of which “variation” of this huge mine is proposed.The fight against the mine proposal is for all British Columbians and all Canadians who want a review process that is transparent and accountable to the jordan shoes public. In the face of the previous scathing findings, this so called “new” proposal cannot be approved.