jordan shoes Pony skin’s not Chrissie’s bag

Pony skin’s not Chrissie’s bag

Trendy handbag designer Hogan just launched a groovy range named after rock chicks. They called a pony skin version the Chrissie, after Chrissie Hynde who is a prominent anti leather campaigner. Oops.

“I never thought I’d be moved to consider filing a lawsuit, but as soon as I heard my name was being used to promote bags made of dead animal skin, I started exploring my legal options with my friends at PETA,” Hynde told Gatecrasher. “At first, I thought this must be a joke, it’s so outrageous and thoughtless.”

In 2000, the Pretenders front woman was arrested after trashing the window display in the Gap’s flagship Times Square store. She and fellow PETA protesters destroyed leather pants and jackets that featured in Gap’s heavily publicized “Everybody in Leather” campaign.

A spokeswoman for Hogan did not return calls yesterday.

Chef’s surprise for Brangelina

It’s tough being the most famous couple on the planet. Earlier this year, the fabulous life of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took them to the Caneel Bay Resort on St. John. The Caribbean island is a favorite for incognito celebs, because it is only accessible by boat and almost paparazzi proof.

“Brad and Angie stated they only wanted to deal with one staff member during their entire stay,” says an insider. So Rosewood, the resort’s parent company, dispatched a marketing executive from New York to be their man Friday. “He had to do everything for them, including cook. Except he was this single guy and he didn’t know how to cook,” laughs the snitch. “He was freaking out.”

A Caneel Bay spokeswoman declined to comment on the story.

“He did say Brad and Angelina were lovely,” adds the source. “They doted on the kids and couldn’t keep their hands off each other.”

Hoping to give Hil the Willeys

Kathleen Willey, who famously alleged that Bill Clinton fondled her in the Oval Office in 1993, is hoping to return to the national spotlight.

The former White House volunteer is set to publish “Target: In the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton” through the conservative World Ahead press in November.

“The timing is intended to hurt Hillary in her Democratic primary campaign, by getting negative sto jordan shoes ries out there,” according to a source.

The book promises new details on what Willey claims were physical and verbal threats from the “C jordan shoes linton machine” to silence her allegations of sexual jordan shoes assault. A rep for the publisher told us the book would also examine what it says are campaign finance violations by Hillary.

Among the other piquant claims expected to be revived are that Clinton agents slashed Willey’s tires, as well as kidnapped (and probably murdered) her cat. Mets shortshop Jose Reyes was spotted celebrating the team’s win Saturday night at the Long Island nightclub Bridgeview, taking shots and dancing with ogling girls.

Eighties icon Grace Jones brunched on ribs with a friend Sunday at Philip Marie, a sidewalk caf in the West Village. (You might remember founder John Polson as Russell Crowe ‘s love interest in “The Sum of Us.”) The Target Filmmaker award is worth $10,000 and a trip for two Down Under.

Matchbox Twenty front man Rob Thomas (using an electric guitar for a racket), with Andy Roddick and Tony Hawk (using skateboards), played an unorthodox match last weekend at Arthur Ashe Kids Day at the National Tennis Center.

Funny man Chris Kattan filled in as umpire in a women’s white tennis skirt!

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