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Pontville detention centre empty and more than 200 staff fear for jobs

Unions said the staff were “incredibly despondent” when told yesterday the centre had been put into “hot contingency”, which means it is on standby and will require only a skeleton team for maintenance.

Tasmanian jordan shoes Asylum Seeker Support founder Emily Conolan said a small number of Pontville residents who had just turned 18 had gone to more remote detention centres.

She said she feared the resettled juveniles would face an uncertain fate when they turned 18.

Cr Foster said it appeared the Pontville centre was being downgraded to care and maintenance.

“We don’t know what direction the new Government will take. There’s a likelihood that they will decide to close it.”

Cr Foster said he did not like to see people incarcerated but as long as the Federal Government saw a need for secure facilities, he would fight to keep the Pontville centre open.

“Others should be closed first. Those that are in the desert,” he said.

Are you serious! 200 locals to lose their jo jordan shoes bs and you say “oh well’ and quibble about how much that cost! Well that money will now go to PNG and tax payers will fund another 200 unemployment places! Not to mention the high quality support provided to deta jordan shoes inees by staff at Pontville. I fully support Tony Fosters comments, whilst it is Government policy to process people in detention they might as well make the most of the excel jordan shoes lent staff and facilities at Pontville. Or is it sending people offshore as well as our money that you support, obviously this does not directly affect ‘your backyard’