jordan shoes Pontefract Liqorice Festival

Pontefract Liqorice Festival

Now jordan shoes in its eighteenth year, the Pontefract Liquorice Festival returned on Sunday 14 July jordan shoes 2013, to celebrate this unusual plant, the many wonderful products created from it and its historic association with the town. With jordan shoes areas of the town themed around famous liquorice sweets, visitors were able to experience all sorts of fun and surprises!

We were jordan shoes in the midst of the activities with our ‘You are what you ate’ festival stall, offering a fun package of family friendly activities. Visitors to our medieval kitchen had the chance to sample a variety of dishes throughout the day, cooked on a raised fire by medieval cook Caroline Yeldham.

Members of the public visited our food display to learn about seasonal foods and the importance of healthy eating, past and present (and to find out more about liquorice and its delicious history).