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Is Developmental Vitamin D deficiency a risk factor for Schizophrenia and Autism?POLICY AND EPIDEMIOLOGY GROUPThe research of the Policy and Epidemiology Group (PEG) aims to determine the burden of mental disorders and how services can be designed to reduce their impact. We conduct studies that:

determine the prevalence distribution and risk factors of mental disorders

estimat jordan shoes e the mortality and disability from mental disorders

model and evaluate ser jordan shoes vice system interventions for mental disorders

develop measures of service performance

analyse and inform mental health policy

H jordan shoes arvey is the Kratzmann Professor of Psychiatry and Population Health and Director of the Mental Health Policy and Epidemiology Group at QCMHR. He trained in medicine, psychiatry and health policy in jordan shoes Queensland and at Stanford University. Harvey has held senior clinical and administrative positions, including those of Director of Mental Health in the Queensland and Federal governments in Australia and with the World Bank in Washington DC. His research interests are in epidemiology, mental health policy and service delivery.