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Portlanders to see slight decrease in garbage

PORTLAND, Ore. The Portland City Council on Wednesday approved a rate decrease for residential garbage and recycling customers in Portland.

Residents will see an average decrease of about 1 percent on their monthly garbage bills starting July 1, according to a news release from the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.

The bureau says the switch to every other week garbage collection and every week food scrap and yard debris collection has resulted in lower rates due to the following three factors:

A 37 percent reduction in garbage going to the landfill

More Portlanders composting and recycling

Decreased cost of food scrap and yard debris collection (composting costs less than landfill disposal)

is never easy, but Portlanders have demonstrated the prog jordan retro ram is working, Mayor Charlie Hales said in a news release. addition to reducing their monthly garbage and recycling bills, Portland households have taken materials that would have gone to the landfill and help jordan retro ed to turn them into a valuable, nutrient ri jordan retro ch product. Bureau of Planning and Sustainability says Portlanders have collected nearly 120,000 tons of yard debris and food scraps for composting since the new program started. The jordan retro bureau estimates that Portland residents have kept over 13,000 tons of food out of the landfill.