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Portlanders losing patience with garbage service

biggest thing we have are diapers, Butler said.

Butler runs Little Feets Daycare from her North Portland home, and said the dirty diapers can make waiting two weeks for garbage collection tough.

have been some weeks where it a little bit frustrating, Butler said. when it was really hot, it wasn all that great. said she likes the city new emphasis on composting, but she less satisfied with garbage service now that weekly trash collection is no more.

Many Portlanders are losing patience with the city garbage and recycling services, according to a new survey by the city.

Wednesday marked the one year anniversary of curbside composting and the end of weekly trash pickup.

Nearly 3,500 Portland residents took part in the , which was conducted by the city auditor office. The results show significantly lower satisfaction with the quality and cost of trash and recycling pickup.

In 2011, 78 percent of North Portland residents surveyed rated the quality of trash service or good This year, that percentage dropped to 61 the largest difference in the city from a year ago.

The same goes for cost. Last year, 51 percent of North Portland residents surveyed gave the city high marks for the cost of garbage service. This year, the number dropped 18 percent to just 33.

Both candidates for Portland Mayor said they like how composting is reducing waste, but they both discussed a weekly garbage collection option for those who need it. It unclear how much money that would cost, or who would pay for it.

Portland resident Chad Schermerhorn said adapting to the new system was challenging at first, but not anymore.

that we been doing it for a while, it works really well, he said. think that we just need to learn how to do it right and it becomes habit.

I moved back to Portland last May staying in an Apartment until July we had a dumpster now we’ve moved into a duplex about 3/4 mi. away and have to share a 90 gallon can with our neighbor. I’m in North PDX and the pick up service for the regular can every two weeks is utterly rediculous. We recycle and I do the ant attracting food scraps only that mini container that we have isn’t coming inside the house! I use two old coffee cans with lids (I had been using paper bags then dumping the food contents in the compost can prior to pick up days. We have had ants so bad since moving into this house I hate having exposed food out. We won’t even discuss the water prices in Portland. The City of Tacoma where I had just moved from wasn’t the cheapest but weekly trash service and more budget friendly water service. Though run off prices were slightly out of wack with the whole concept of what you had coming into your home.

I used to pay $74.60 for once a week pick up of a 90 gallon regular trash container, and bi weekly pickup of my jordan retro yard debris container, which I found somewhat reasonable. I now pay $103 for bi weekly pickup of regular trash (90% of my trash), and weekly yard debris (how much yard debris do you think makes it into the container when it is pouring rain every single day?). Which means I am paying 38% more for half the service. And the City wants me to sort my food scraps into a tiny little food scrap container, which went in the 90 gallon container as soon as I received it. My water bill has been $280 a quarter when my neighbors pay $100 150, after the city installed new water mains 18″ from my meter and broke the line to my home. After going through the ordeal of having a NEW WATER LINE installed, the City was GRACIOUS enough to give me a $25 credit. BFD!!! What a freakin’ monopoly. I live alone so I am not putting out a lot of trash nor using a lot of wat jordan retro er yet I am getting slammed by these two organizations. I am absolutely fed up with the two services but being a single homeowner, I cannot do without these services. Who is regulating the rates these organizations are charging people?!! How do the elderly retirees make ends meet??? I say both the water bureau and the trash companies (in bed together) be oversighted by a consumer board. Oh, and don’t believe it when the Water Bureau rep tells you they are checking your meter they only check it ONCE A YEAR and continue to charge you for water/sewer you don’t consume. I have lived in Portland for the past 17 years and trying to find a way back to a developed, organized and fair city to live. Far far away from this rural dump of a city.

The city requires you to have “street trees”. They even tell you what trees you can, and cannot have. Then when those trees produce leaves, they require you to pay for the cleanup.

The irony is, you aren’t required to have “street trees” if you don’t have a sidewalk, which you would have to pay to have put in (and the person doing it is decided by the city) and then make sure it is clear and safe from that point on. city chooses those) to make any repairs and changes required to the sidewalk (like fixing it when the tree you are required to by pushes up on it causing it to be unsafe) for the rest of that home TMs existence.

This is why the city has more unpaved roads than some third world rural towns. Because once you buy the privilege of living first world, you must continue to pay the city extra (in addition to taxes) the privilege to live next to the thing you paid for. A family of three using a 32 gallon trash can must be sorting all their trash into recycle bins which I choose not to do. Trash is trash. When the trucks come by, they don’t even have to get out of the truck anymore, and the leave the cans half way into the street, and loose trash blows across my yard and gets stuck in my landscaping. The service is dismal and I refuse to do anything more than haul it to the curb, once every two weeks. I do put cardboard in the cardboard container but that container rarely gets taken to the street because it simple has very little trash in it.

I live in Lents; I bet I could not give my home away. While p jordan retro eople can charge $1200 a month for rent in a two bedroom apartment on Casey lane in Clackamas, my neighbors can TMt do the same with a two bedroom house next to me.

Just because there is demand in a city, does not mean there is demand everywhere in that city. Part of the problem is, high crime rate, low occupancy rate, no schools, traffic issues, lack of infrastructure (many streets aren’t paved) high utility costs ($300 a month for me between electricity, gas, water/sewer andgarbage) and no nearby employment.

The only thing I have going is mass transit and now that has nearly doubled in cost this year (From $60 a month for a bus pass to $100).

So no, there is no demand for homes in my area.

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