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Plastic or Planet

San Francisco has banned plastic grocery bags. Oakland is trying to ban them, pending an expensive lawsuit (the industry new favorite tactic). San Jose is considering a ban. China has gone

negative on plastic bags. Whole Foods just phased them out. This is cause forOn the positive side, I didn’t see any plastic bag violations obviously, because they are now illegal. That is pretty cool. Safeway is pushing its black reusable bags for 99 cents, but they seem too small to be that useful? In an ironic twist, Safeway has upgraded its plastic bag recycling receptacle. “Recycle your plastic bags here!” it pronounces in front of the store. Thanks to the ban, there will be a lot fewer bags to insert into that hole.

I even saw one girl (wearing a green sweater) bring in a

Nature Conservancy canvas tote to Safeway. “Nice bag,” I yelled. She

smiled. I had never seen that before. It

would have made Al Gore’s day.

On the flip side, I only saw that one person bri jordan nging

her/his own bag. Everyone else was opting for paper bags. And lots of them. What have we done? Is this better? I didn’t see any messages at the check out

counter encouraging people to bring their own bags. Where is the sign that says, “Bring your own

bag and receive 10 cents”? One sign could

go a long way. People are motivated by money, even 5 10 cents.

Lucky’s: The Lucky hotly promoted new reusable plastic bag is

perplexing. That right, plastic. Its picture even made its way into the San

Francisco Chronicle as the example new bag. I was baffled because I thought we were supposed to be banning plastic

bags. Should we love or hate this bag?

Off to Lucky to investigate. Well, it indeed is a plastic bag. It costs 25 cents to buy, and every time you

bring it back, you receive a 5 cent bag credit. “Reusable” is written in big letters on the front. On the back is a nice

plug for California parks and no littering. According to

Lucky’s, this bag is a miracle, built to last 10+ times so that you can “actuall jordan > jordan y

earn money on these bags.” It is proud jordan ly

“in compliance” with the SF ordinance because it is reusable. Pretty clever of them you have to admit.