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Portland is full of liberals who think you ought to believe, and therefore, think as they do. They know what is best for me. Pop off. [Thanks Joel].It matters not how it effects those who have no say ‘they’ know they are right. What is the difference between the ‘they’ and the ‘them?’ Not much.Of course there is a problem between the conservatives who decry government intervention in business affairs and the liberals who use the government to intervene in business affairs for socia jordan l purposes.I don’t believe in the ‘invisible hand’ of economic conservatives. But, neither do I believe that it is economicall jordan y or politically correct to burden, in a tax sense, the poor or the middle class with taxes that are ‘social.’Lordy, lordy was bojack right? In the Adams vs Dozono contest shouldn’t have Adams won? I think bojack says different. Was he was right?I don’t know, but if there would have been some other choice for mayor I might have voted differently.Without going into any of the issues that I might disagree or agree with Mr. Adams I can say that thus far and he is not even the mayor I am not pleased.He seems to me to be seeking a higher office. His jordan focus is not on local issues like or not, Portland is not a large community or even influential considering the big picture the US.And, it is this focus by social liberals that is an extreme concern. While they are focusing on their next job the job they were elected to do is ignored.Portland has Portland problems that the politicians were ostensively elected to solve or at least address. But, our liberal politicians want to solve global problems. Shouldn’t they be working with our representatives in the Congress to exert a Portland influence?Point isn’t it Wyden and Smith’s job? Gee isn’t that the way this republic is set up?Politicians Mr. Adams included ignore how their decision affects others not economically situated as themselves.It is also interesting that Mr. Adams is considering taxing, in a non progressive sense, those who can little afford the added cost.It really matters not that it costs five cents or twenty cents per bag in any economy especially today’s the lower income feel a dis apportioned effect.Consider the low income persons who are already unlikely to be able to afford to eat given the limitation of food stamps now the have to pay for their frigging grocery bags.What about those who cannot carry much of their needs in a single trip. Mul jordan tiple trips will require multiple taxation.But you say just bring your own? What about those who walk to the store? What about those who use the bags as ‘garbage’ bags. What if you forget to bring it.For those better economically situated forgetting your bag or having to pay for the grocery bags has little effect. 4 bags of groceries costs the affluent a buck. If you are trying to live on $3 dollars per day a buck means something.Look isn’t it time that the ‘liberals’ focus on those who have to live an everyday life. And, stop adding to their economic burden because they have some ‘social’ agenda.