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on Tom Jackson suggestion, moved the date to 2012 to align with thehousehold about what we going to use to collect our cat litter in the comingWhy don you get a life and go visit the retail industry and tell them your little story. Tell them that there bags jordan must be 100 jordan % recyclable by 2010. It doesn take that much brain power, but I guess it takes even less to stick another pin in us.

Did you ban bottled water yet or is that back to the money pit of study, where this idea will be going.

“I the proud owner of five fabric bags that I use for my groceries”

Well aren you something, when your dog sts on other peoples lawn, what kind of bag are you using to pick it up?

It shows no leadership at all to put the responsibility on people that get these bags thrown at them from every store. They do that because we easier targets than the industry. It takes leadership and courage to go to them, only cowards continu jordan ally come after people who have nothing to do with the stupid bags.

Councillor McHattie is just another beefcake looking for some publicity.

and Nicole, I hope your cats aren running around the neighbourhood crping in peoples gardens like they do jordan around here.

The only people worse than that are the ones who stroll up the street with their animal so it can cp on someone elses lawn.

Do any of you realize just how ridiculous you look, the residue of cp stays on the lawn whether you try and pick it up or not.

Some people like to walk around their nice lawns in bare feet you know. Do us all a big favour and make your dog cp on your own lawn thanks!!!