jordan Plastic molding with grocery b

Plastic molding with grocery bags

This is an awesome idea. My only issues would be:

1) Hazardous fumes? Plastic bags surely must emit toxic fumes that you don’t want to be breathing in. Wear a mask while doing it.

2) If fuming IS an issue, from an ecological perspective, isn’t this just kind of self neutralizing? I mean to say that any fumes leeched from the practice of burning off plastic bags has got to nullify the benefits of repurposing the plastic.

That aside, this is such an easy, great way to use plastics in moulding. Thanks for sharing it.

Ma Barley do a video search on “Mopti’s ecological pavestones”. Wherever you are in the world, some people probably sell and use manual concrete block makers. I think you could use one of those as a mold. If you are not sure where to get one, find someone with a concrete block house and ask them where they got the blocks. Then find the block dealer, and ask him where they make them, and then ask them where you can buy a manual block maker. It looks like you will want to invest in some breathing masks.

depends on what you want to build, and what you need to make. if you’ve got something else you can use as a support structure you can make rope with plastic bags. with rope or cord you can weave fabric which you can use as covering. it’s not suitable for clothing (too rough) but you could make a tent or a lean to. if you don’t have a support structure you can make one with rope by tying it off (to trees or bridges or lamp posts or whatever) then hanging fabric from it. you can also make cord from plastic bottles and chain from cans. there are instructables for how to do that.

Yes. Nuclear fission is used in nuclear power plants to produce heat, which is used to boil water, which turns turbines.

Nuclear fusion is a completely different process. Inside a star, it is hot enough for nuclear fusion to occur. So in order for us to be able to fuse anything, we’d have to make conditions on Earth that are similar to the core of a star. Yes, if this were possible without either an explosion or a decaying environment, it would solve our energy problems.

In nuclear fission, a subatomic particle is radiated off of an unstable nuclei, the particle strikes another nuclei and produces heat and radiation as byproducts. In nuclear fusion, two nuclei are fused into a larger nuclei. For instance, in a stable star, like our sun, two hydrogen nuclei are fused into a helium nuclei. Heat, light, and a neutron are produced as byproducts.

you guys should know that making nuclear energy releases absolutely no greenhouse gases, the ONLY byproduct now is nuclear waste, which people are making ways to recycle it. and think about this. we mined the uranium and other radioactive elements we didnt make them, so they were there to begin with, we are actually making it safer since we are taking the energy from it. also, not one person has ever died in a nuclear power plant! they are extremely safe and the reactors are built to withstand the impact of a large commercial jetliner. so who the heck is going to try to bomb one? by the time their plane reach the us they will be shot down, and if the plants are placed in the middle of America it works out great.

you have no risk at all of being exposed to radiation during a fallout if you are over 10 miles away, it doesn’t reach that far, and besides when was the last mistake inside a plant? a long time ago, so we have perfected these things and they will never happen again.

>also, hazardous materials were always there, people act like we created those elements, we cant create them and they were there already so it doesn’t make it any more dangerous if its in your cell phone or if its in the ground

You are right, but sofar we can’t seem to “get’er done” on doing SIGNIFICANT reductions of our nuclear waste. Agreed some is being dealt with well, but there is quite a bit that is beyond current technology to deal with now. Hopefully we will deal with it before it deals with us (grin).

Nuke power plant safety hasn’t been ‘perfected’. Machines wear out. People make mistakes. (ref: Chernobyl and 3 Mile Island from the History Channel).

We flew a few live nuke weapons without knowing it across the USA last year (if I remember right). The only problem with that is that no one realize jordan d it till it was already done. . some folks have been fired, but it still doesn’t solve the issues of people make mistakes.

Nuke programs for power are great. We need them, but calling them ‘clean’ and ‘no problem’ is sticking our head in the sand . again.

Yea, I sometimes do that. Thanks for pointing it out.again making my point. Even people are fallible (and my arthritis says they wear out too!). We had sev jordan eral of the ‘best and smartest’ standing around watching atomic bomb tests in the ’50’s . and many ‘strangely’ died from cancer several years later.

The ‘Smartest Guy’s In the Room’ are still not smart enough to outsmart mother nature.

For energy, I like what the vertical growing algae folks are doing out near El Paso, . and using the lipids from the algae to make fuel’s. The ‘solids’ could even be buried to ‘sequester carbon’, especially if the carbon credit markets get going eventually.

Another jordan technology I really like is the thin film ‘printed’ solar cells. One printing press is making/printing enough sells to generate about a gigawatt (think one coal power plant). Sofar they have 3 presses and are ‘sold out’ for 3 years. I don’t understand why we don’t have a factory making the special printing presses! I know it boils down to $$ somewhere, but this is one that rapid scaling up makes sense, especially for ‘risk taking investors’.

Wind and solar are great, but cannot currently substitute for power plants due to the lack of being ‘on demand, when needed’. It is ‘easy’ to stoke a fire with more coal or gas, or increase the heat output of a reactor pile, but sun shines when it shines, and wind blows when it blows. So we need a way to ‘bank’ the power. Batteries, solar, making H2 from water, storing ‘compressed air’, pumping water up hill, are all great ideas, but current implementation on a large scale is not cost effective.

I wish we could find a way to take CO2, add energy and generate methane. Methane is ‘natural gas’ that we already know how to store, generate power, transport with comparative ease. Especially used for ‘load shaving’ and low incidental energy conditions (cloudy, night, no wind, etc) and make using the renewable more cost effective.

The next big issue we need to work at solving world wide is irrigated soil salinity. Natural floods on the Nile kept the Nile valley productive for thousands of years (washing in new silt, and washing out accumulated salt). In my life, I have seen the ‘Lower Valley’, a section of Texas up the Rio Grande on the south border of Texas, come back to life jordan after a good drenching by a hurricane regularly for a few seasons. Water for natural uses, agriculture, an domestic uses all need a way to remove the salt. Making the concentrated brine into solid salt and water takes a lot of energy, and doesn’t happen easily or naturally. Currently this ‘salt crisis’ is killing much of the irrigated land in the USA and around the world. Desalinization plants are expensive and require a lot of energy. This would be a good use for ‘energy when it is available’, but that alone can’t solve this issue. . cooking with less salt, not salting roads, etc all helps, but that is not enough.

What to do about the salt problem? I wish I knew. But it is another ‘environmental crisis’ we are facing.

Just what you need, another one so you don’t get bored!

Sorry, I got off on another un provoked diatribe. Nothing personal, just getting stuff off my chest.

Implying that the proximity of hazardous materials has no effect is like saying having a burning coal in your hand is just as safe as if it were in a fire pit. Lead in the ground is typically less hazardous (exceptions occur such as water contamination) than lead in paint.

Might I also mention that the production of the machinery to produce energy, both in terms of solar or nuclear power has an environmental cost. Might I mention that the cost both in terms of dollars and environmental (not just greenhouse gases) for building nuclear plants is very large and a long term commitment.