jordan Plastic might get the sack

Plastic might get the sack

might get the sack

“The plastic bag story is a good story to tell, not a bad story. They are reusable and they are 100 jordan percent recyclable,” said Andrew DeVilling, spokesman for Progressive Bag Alliance, a coalition of plastic bag manufacturers. “The public has accepted plastic bags, so the paper or plastic question has been answered. A ban is a mistake.”

DeVilling said the approach taken by California is a better alternative. Beginning July 1, most large stores in that state will have to provide in store recycling for bags.

At Graul’s Market in Annapolis, Ken West, 51, said, ” products and recycling is more responsible, but I wouldn’t totally ban plastic.”

“If you have frozen items, plastic is better,” he said as he loaded paper and plastic grocery bags into his mother’s car.

Rachel Zeiler, a cashier jordan at the store, tries to educate her customers as they pass through her lane.

“When people say paper, I tell them that you can recycle paper and plastic,” she said. “But people are used to both, and a ban would be weird.”

Bagging hot, cold

Indeed, for many shoppers, the paper and plastic question breaks down, not along environmental lines, but along hot and cold cold wet items (ice cream, frozen dinners, milk) take plastic, and dry items go in paper.

Donna Dempsey, of the jordan Society of s, argues that there’s a large and growing market for recycled plastic used in components of such things as decks and piers.

“It is our position that the plastic bag is a better environmental choice,” she said. “But we understand that if people don’t properly reuse them or recycle them they are flying in trees. We have been extremely pro active to educate grocers about recycling.”

In Annapolis, several council members said they would reserve judgment until further discussion and a public hearing, likely later in July.

Kraft, in Baltimore, said he would re introduce his legislation if it isn’t approved, and he might consider an alternative that would charge retailers a fee for each bag they issue, with the money going to a “green fund” that would finance cleanups and other environmental projects.

“We spend a lot of time taking them out of trees, and if you go down to the harbor they are floating around. We want to cut down on those things that most fill up the waste stream,” Kraft said. or ?

While plastic bags are more widely used in the United States, both paper and plastic have advantages and disad jordan vantages:Made from trees, a renewable resourceMore costlyNot as biodegradable, especially in landfills.