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The University fieldwork and work off campus safety guideline has been developed by the OH Unit in consultation with relevant University organisational units and sections. The objectives of this guideline are to:

Outline responsibilities of senior officers, supervisors, staff and students for planning and undertaking work off campus.

Provide methods and instruction for the development of work off campus Risk Assessments and Fieldwork Plans, and for the implementation of suitable controls.

The broad aim of this guideline is to assist in the prevention of work related injury jordan 11 or illness by the carrying out o jordan 11 f safe and proven work procedures by all work off campus participants.

5. Fieldwork and Work Off Campus

5.1 Fieldwork and work off campus activities

The University frequently engages in off campus tasks which are diverse in their nature, and which may take place in unfamiliar surroundings or uncontrolled environments. Tasks undertaken off campus m jordan 11 ay involve a potentially high level of risk to the health and safety of the participants, and the off campus environment may be potentially hazardous.

The off campus location where work is conducted is recognised as a workplace under the Act. Accordingly senior officers, supervisors, staff and students are required to meet their legal obligations for work health and safety during fieldwork and work off campus planning and participation.

Examples of fieldwork and work off campus activities covered by this guideline include (but are not limited to):

Before commencing student work experience or placements, the relevant Faculty/Institute/Division senior officers, managers and supervisors must ensure that the host facility has appropriate mechanisms for managing work health and safety. The Associate Director, Occupational Health Safety and the University Insurance Office should be contacted for assistance and advice, if required.

5.2 Fieldwork and work off campus locations

5.2.1 Generally, work is considered to be off campus when the worker is travelling to another work location that is not their usual place of work.

A UQ staff member based at St Lucia Campus plans to conduct diving research at Heron Island. Although Heron Island is registered as a UQ workplace, the work activities are being conducted away from the staff member usual workplace and in an environment that would present a range of higher level risks requiring management and control. In this case the fieldwork activities are considered to be off campus.

A UQ academic based at Ipswich Campus plans to conduct clinical supervision of students at a Brisbane teaching hospital. The work activities for the staff member and students will take place at an off campus location in a workplace that is not registered as a UQ workplace.

5.2.2 This guideline is not intended to apply to routine travel to low risk locations, where the work takes place in a low risk environment, and where the travel and work activity risks are minimal. For example:

Travel from Herston Campus to St Lucia Campus to conduct lectures; orThe University Telecommuting Policy (HUPP 5.43.5) should be applied when a staff member is seeking formal approval to work from home.

It is not practicable for this guideline to cover all possibilities with regard to what may constitute work off campus. In the case that it is unclear as to whether the location of the fieldwork or work activities is off campus, clarification should be sought from the OH Unit.

6. Obligations and Responsibilities

Senior officers, managers and supervisors have obligations under the Act to exercise due diligence to ensure the health and safety of participants engag jordan 11 ed in work off campus activities.

Work off campus participants have obligations under the Act to take reasonable care for their own health and safety, and for the health and safety of other persons.

Specific health and safety responsibilities for work off campus at The University of Queensland are summarised below.

Acquire and keep up to date knowledge of work health and safety matters in relation to proposed work off campus activities.

Ensure adequate resources have been allocated for carrying out the work in accordance with approved risk assessments and Fieldwork Plans.

Ensure appropriate processes are in place for receiving and considering information regarding incidents, hazards and risks and responding in a timely way to that information.

Review the performance of supervisors, staff and students with regard to their health and safety responsibilities for work off campus.

Ensure that appropriate approvals have been granted, and records maintained, relating to work off campus activities.