jordan 11 Policeman Testifies About Hero

Policeman Testifies About Heroin Seized In Case

But Fernandez, 24, of Bethlehem, who pleaded guilty to delivery of heroin, insisted it would “be impossible for it to be 18 percent heroin.”

“After I made the sale, I did two bags of it myself,” Fernandez said. “It did nothing to me. A (narcotics officer) gave some of it to the informer. He shot it up, which I would never do. I only sniff it. But it did nothing to him, either.”

Northampton County Judge Robert Freedberg turned down a request by defense lawyer George Blasco to sentence Fe jordan 11 rnandez immediately. “I won’t do that in such a serious case,” he said. He remanded Fernandez to prison in $10,000 bail to await a presentence report.

Donald J. Ahles, 53, of the 400 block of Henry Rd., Nazareth, pleaded guilty to drunken driving and asked to go right to jail.

“I have no way to get home,” Ahles told Judge Freedberg. “I might as well start serving time.”

Freedberg sentenced him to 48 hours in prison and fined him $350, as well as another $25 for going through a red light.

Police said they arrested him July 1 in Nazareth when they saw him making an illegal left turn. Another officer had observed him earlier in a parking lot, where “he said he was drunk and going to sleep it off in his car,” Asst. Dist. Atty. James Narlesky said.

Gary Storm, 25, of the 700 block of High St., Bethlehem, pleaded guilty to breaking into an apartment at 2027 Willow Park Road, Bethlehem Township, on July 16. Police said he was subdued by the occupant of the apartment. Judge Freedberg ordered a presentence report.

Judge Freedberg put Earle Cooper, 23, of the 2400 block of Exeter Court, Bethlehem, on 18 months probation for indecent exposure. He directed Cooper to “follow the probation office’s recommendations on psychotherapy or alcohol counseling, if necessary.” Cooper was charged Aug. 4.

Darren Szemenyei, 20, of the 800 block of Maple Rd., Hellertown, drew a $100 fine for harassment. The charge was reduced from assault. Szemenyei was accused of hitting another man in the head with a bottle on June 16 in Bethlehem Township.

The judge ordered a presentence investigation of Donald Wallace, 48, of the 100 block of Kline St., Bangor, charged with indecent assault on a 9 year old boy. Police said he forced his way into the child’s house in Bangor on June 15.

Gregory Moll, 34, of Belvidere R. 2, will be sentenced later on a charge of conspiracy to commit burglary. He was arrested May 28 after, polic jordan 11 e said, he and some other men broke into a metal storage shed behind the Sheraton Easton Inn.

Freedberg fined Richard Ianuale, jordan 11 22, of Kistler Plaza, East Stroudsburg, $200 and put him on one year’s probation for theft. Ianuale pleaded guilty to stealing 40 wooden pallets from a K Mart store in Bethlehem Township on April 24. He will be sentenced later. Police said he took a car from the 700 block of Pine St., Easton, on June 2.

Glenda Kallenberger, 18, of the 1000 block of Ferry St., Easton, admitted breaking into two Lower Mt. Bethel Township homes on June 11. Judge Freedberg ordered a presentence report.

A presentence investigation will be made of John Trinkle, 18, of the 500 block of Laurel St., Bethlehem, who pleaded guilty to breaking into a neighbor’s home and taking $1,000 in cash. The incident happened July 21, police said.

Robin Melhem, 23, of the 200 block of E. Grant St., Easton, went on 18 months’ probation for po jordan 11 ssession of methamphetamine. She was arrested in January at 12th and Northampton Streets, Easton.

Luis Medero, found guilty Sept. 14 of breaking into Bixler’s Jewelry Store in Bethlehem, went to prison for 1 3 years. Medero, 26, who has no permanent address, was sentenced by Judge Michael Franciosa.