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Police zero in on apartment unit linked to Ottawa

Ottawa police confirm they found a seco jordan 11 nd body part a hand inside a package at the Ottawa Postal Terminal, where mail is processed. This package was not destined for the Conservative party headquarters. on Wednesday.

Police in masks have been combing through an apartment in the mid rise brick building, zeroing in on one particular unit from which a rotten stench is drifting out, says a building resident.

The neighbour says police are showing people pictures of one man, while also asking questions about the unit’s resident and about his possible connections.

Police have confirmed they are getting closer to apprehending a suspect in the macabre case involving three body parts: the foot in a package opened at Conservative headquarters, a hand found at a Canada Post warehouse in Ottawa, and a torso in Montreal.

The hand, foot and torso came from the same person, police confirmed on Wednesday, and the packages that arrived in Ottawa were both mailed from Montreal.

Although the case isn linked to organized jordan 11 crime, the suspect and victim do know each other, police said.

The Canadian Press spoke to a man in the west end Montreal neighbourhood where the torso was discovered locked in a suitcase, in a pile of garbage.

“I saw the suitcase and I was tempted to go jordan 11 get it,” said Richard Payette, 60.

He said police wearing masks were milling about one particular apartment in the building on the second floor. He said the door of that particular apartment was left open, and the smell of rotten meat was drifting out into the hallway.

Police showed neighbours a picture of a man whom Payette said he didn’t recognize.

What isn’t clear yet is why body parts were mailed to Ottawa, including a foot received at the offices of the Conservative party and a hand found at a Canada Post warehouse.

Montreal police have taken over the investigation, while Ottawa police will continue to provide assistance.

The packages are linked to a grim discovery made behind an apartment building in Montreal, where a janitor found a decomposing male human torso stuffed in a suitcase tossed among garbage.

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Body parts sent through Canada Post were both mailed to Ottawa from Montreal: police

An autopsy was being conducted on the body part.

The revelation that the foot, hand and torso came from the same person raises the question of what happened to the rest of the body including the head, legs and other hand and foot.

Conservative party spokesman jordan 11 Fred DeLorey said staffers from the office were “very upset and disturbed by what happened.”

“When we began to open the package we saw what appeared to be blood, and an extremely foul odour came from the package once it was partially opened,” he said.

“It was such a horrible [odour] I’m sure many of us will not forget it. We called the police immediately. They came and investigated the package.”