jordan 11 Police warn of handbag and mob

Police warn of handbag and mobile phone theft From The Argus

Police have revealed that ten per cent of all recorded crime in central Brighton is in relation to lost or stolen mobile phones and handbags.

In 2006, Sussex Police received reports of 1,500 bag thefts, or ‘dips’ where purses and items had been taken from handbags, and 1,700 reports of mobile phones having been stolen or lost.

Central Brighton Chief Inspector David Miller said: “Despite numerous warnings and raising awareness, people are still leaving their bags unattended in supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and”The police are doing all they can to jordan 11 target thieves and have made some significant arrests, however, people need to make sure that they never leave their belongings unattended, not even for a”These thieves are quick and will take any opportunity they can to steal from your bag.

“We hope that by releasing these figures, the attitude of “it won’t happen to me” can be dispelled. It could happen to you so never let your personal belongings out of sight.

“In many cases, bags have been left on the backs of chairs in cafes and bars or even unattended in supermarket trolleys, or unzipped making it easy for thieves to “dip” in and stealOfficers set up Operation Barker following an increase jordan 11 in the number of bag thefts that were taking place around the city centr jordan 11 e last summer.

The operation continues, with the full support of the Business Crime Reduction Partnership, and laminated sheets showing the faces of suspects have been circulated to store security andChief Inspector Miller added: “I will also be writing to the city’s worst offenders reminding them of their responsibilities of providing secure cloakroom facilities, tannoying crime prevention

“Thi jordan 11 s is a distressing crime. It often means the thief has access to your personal effects and there is the inconvenience of having to cancel credit cards, mobile phones and change locks at”As much as this is an easy crime to commit, it is just as easily preventable. Keep all bags, purses, wallets secure at all times. It only takes a split second for an opportunistic thief to”The streets are always very busy with people doing their shopping or enjoying the great restaurants and bars in the city but this is a crime that can be easily prevented with some common.