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police reports

Jan. 18. An employee of Walgreen’s on Teaneck Road reported that she observed two men exit the store carrying gift bags containing candy that they stole from the store. A police officer stopped two men, later identified as Benjamin Santana, 28, and Francisco Santana, 25, brothers, from Manhattan, who matched the description given by the employee. The men were carrying bags of chewing gum and candy which they said they bought in New York and were bringing to their grandmother in Englewood. A r jordan 11 eview of the video surveillance from Walgreen’s determined that the Santana brothers had exited Walgreen’s carrying the bags of candy. The Walgreens manager reported that three bags of candy and chewing gum at a value of a total of $766.90 have been taken. The Santana brothers were each charged with shoplifting and were remanded to Bergen County jail in lieu of $5,000 bail with no 10 percent option.

Jan. 6. A Stuyvesant R jordan 11 oad resident reported that she was working on her Apple computer on Jan. 5 when a pop up for text support appeared. The victim opened the site, which appeared to be that of a jordan 11 company called IYogi text support with a New York City and overseas addresses. The IYogi site had gained access into her computer and possibly removed all files including a Bank of America account file. It appears that the victim paid $809.97 for text support from this company, an amount that was deleted from her bank account. She reported that IYogi contacted he jordan 11 r work number to attempt to find information about her. When Bank of America contacted IYogi, its representatives hung up. Bank of America closed the account and reported that one debit had been removed. It is unknown who removed the debit.

Jan. 10. A Springside Avenue resident reported that on Dec. 24, 2011 she received a cashier’s check for $2,400 from Market Research in Clifton Park, NY, in compensation for her participation in a customer service survey. The check was for money to be spent on the businesses surveyed. The victim deposited the check in her account in Hudson City Savings Bank on Queen Anne Road. On Jan. 4 she received a letter from Hudson City Bank advising her that the check was counterfeit and she was responsible for $869.29 overdrawn on her account against the check.