nike jordans porn found in underground car

porn found in underground car park A pornographic magazine called “Lesbian Lovers” and seven DVDs were in among the bags stashed behind bins in the underground car park of Rebekah Brooks’ London home, a court heard today. A Brazilian cleaner found them along with two laptops and an iPad in a black bin liner hidden […]

nike jordans Porn filters up for review

Porn filters up for review On the one side: Access to information. On the other: Protection from porn. The long battle in Canada over pornography at public libraries could flare up Thursday in London when the city library board conducts its annual review of Internet policy. Staff is recommending the existing policy filtering some, but […]

nike jordans Porn bust one of biggestLo

Porn bust one of biggest London police seized one of the largest child pornography collections in the city’s history, arresting a 60 year old man in the process. Officers found “in exces nike jordans s of 300,000″ images and videos, police said in a statement Thursday, after seizing several computers and nike jordans digital storage […]