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plastic or meaningless legislation A pr jordan oposal in the Baltimore City Council to help clean up the environment by limiting the use of plastic bags in shops and stores is a perfect example of a law so compromised by the demands of competing special interests that it ends up accomplishing nothing. The plan endorsed […]

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plastic or fabric on Tom Jackson suggestion, moved the date to 2012 to align with thehousehold about what we going to use to collect our cat litter in the comingWhy don you get a life and go visit the retail industry and tell them your little story. Tell them that there bags jordan must be […]

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Plastic not so fantastic When I would scrape my knee as a child, what would cure and comfort me? A rubberized adhesive Band Aid. What did I turn to before making out jordan for the first time down in Lorna Grant’s basement when I was 12 years old? A plastic vial of cherry ChapStick. The […]