jordan Plastic or PlanetSan Franc

Plastic or Planet San Francisco has banned plastic grocery bags. Oakland is trying to ban them, pending an expensive lawsuit (the industry new favorite tactic). San Jose is considering a ban. China has gone negative on plastic bags. Whole Foods just phased them out. This is cause forOn the positive side, I didn’t see any […]

jordan Plastic or paperPortland i

Plastic or paper Portland is full of liberals who think you ought to believe, and therefore, think as they do. They know what is best for me. Pop off. [Thanks Joel].It matters not how it effects those who have no say ‘they’ know they are right. What is the difference between the ‘they’ and the […]

jordan Plastic or No Bags at AllO

Plastic or No Bags at All One person’s dream is another person’s nightmare. One person’s life blood is another person’s death. I have a vision, yet I am blind. I hear a voice, yet I am deaf. This is the schizophrenic mentality that illustrates the utilization of bags in society. Therefore, it is time for […]