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poohing plastic and other letters to the editor If we are really declaring war against plastic bags, then let’s do a D Day on them only in this case, the “D” stands for “dairy.” Four litres of milk includes three small plastic bags inside one large plastic bag, often inside a plastic grocery bag.Not only […]

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Pooch purses all the rage DOGGIE BAG: Rachelle Garzia totes Frank, her 1 year old Brussels Griffon Shih Tzu mix, around town in a puppy purse, jordan shoes the latest bag women with little pooches simply have to have. “I bring him to work every day, and in the morning, he s jordan shoes its […]

jordan shoes Poo on my path From The Argus

Poo on my path From The Argus I was lef jordan shoes t rather bemused by Lawrence Hill’s letter (The Argus, October 6) responding to my letter of September 29 about a bag of dog poo left on my favourite path. He asks why I didn’t pick it up after cycling past it for many […]