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Police find body parts believed to be male Body parts found dumped in garbage bags along a snowy Michigan roadway are believed to be the remains of a white male, investigators said on Friday. The man’s identity has not been determined, but a bag filled with clothes and charred paperwork, found nearby early Friday, could […]

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Police find bag holding ammo in Arizona shooting air jordan Congresswoman. local time in a dry wash by an 18 year old man walking his dog. Representative Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson. “The bag found is air jordan believed to be in the black bag that Randy Loughner described his son carrying the morning of the […]

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police find apparent human body parts near Yankee Stadium NEW YORK air jordan Several pieces of what appeared to be a dismembered woman body were found in at l air jordan east four different trash bags or luggage containers strewn around a Bronx neighborhood near Yankee Stadium overnight, New York police said on Tuesday. The […]