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Police releases sketches of 3 suspects

Police have released sketches of the three suspects in the murder case of 23 year old research scholar whose body was found in a laboratory here on March 16.

Neha Shrama, a nanotechnology researcher, was found dead under mysterious circumstances in her laboratory on March 16 at a private educational institute here.

The sketches dr air jorda air jordans ns awn by the Crime Branch of the Delhi police, show a long faced man in his twenties, lean air jordans and with short cropped hair; a second young man with a round face, also in his twenties; and a third aged between 30 and 35 with curly hair.

The sketches, released last evening by the local police, were drawn after questioning a number of students and employees of the university, police sources said.

Neha’s body bearing multiple knife marks was f air jordans ound lying in a pool of blood, with her hands tied behind her back.

Meanwhile, a group of protesters reached the office of the SSP last night and alleged the use of third degree methods during the police interrogation of Dilip, a guard at the university, to make him tell about suspects for the sketches.