air jordans Police release photos of bag

Police release photos of bag

It has the air jordans words “Woolworth The Difference, A Community Based Project” written on it.”However, the number of people contacting us with significant information has not been great and I want to repeat our air jordans appeal for anyone who might have the slightest idea who Joseph mother may be to get in touch.

“The mother may have concealed the pregnancy, so if anyone has any concerns about any women or girls who have been behaving unusually in recent days or weeks, please let us know.

“Also, if you know of anyone who may have a connection with South Africa and is due to give birth, please contact us.

“We are looking into the information passed to us that the bag could be from there and confirming whether this link is accurate.”

Patti Paine, head of midwifery at the hospital, said Joseph is safe and well.

She added: “We expect that he will stay with us for a few days so that we can continue to care for him whilst we try and make contact with his mother.”

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