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Police Find Woman’s Body Wrapped In Bags

“She was wrapped and packaged almost mummified,” Detective Dusty Rhodes said on Tuesday. Police are still not certain whether Roberta Lynn Gordon, who suffered from severe arthritis, killed herself air jordans or was shot by her ex husband before he committed suicide in a Tampa motel room on Saturday.Gordon, 52, an artist and former schoolteacher in Dade and Hillsborough counties, lived in the 14 air jordans 00 block of Northeast 42nd Court. Police said she had recently reconciled with her former husband, John Joseph Maguire, 63, and they were living together.Oakland Park police were alerted to Gordon’s death by Tampa police, who found Maguire’s body and his multiple page suicide note on Saturday, Rhodes said. In his suicide note, Maguire said Gordon had been holding a pistol to her head threatening to kill herself when he tried to wrestle the weapon from her and it went off.Gordon was shot once in the neck, an injury consistent with Maguire’s story, Rhodes said.Police said both Gordon and Maguire had concealed weapons permits.Police also said Maguire had several guns and more than $25,000 in cash with him when he was found dead in the motel room.When police arrived at Gordo air jordans n’s house on Monday afternoon, they smelled a strong odor, broke in and found her body in bed.The dining room where she had been shot air jordans had been cleaned, although a glass table was broken.Rhodes said Gordon may have shot herself and Maguire, an alcoholic, “may have panicked, packaged her up and hid her.”Gordon had a drug and alcohol problem and was estranged from her family, said her brother, Craig Gordon of Pompano Beach.”You’ve got a couple people here who have been abusing drugs and alcohol since they were in college in their 20s and just never straightened up,” Craig Gordon said.