air jordan Police find gun in washroom

Police find gun in washroom

Given the setup of a London fast food restaurant, it wasn unusual to see a man mistakenly enter the women washroom.

Late night maintenance man William Ryan agreed while testifying at Carlton Stewart gun trial he seen it happen before at the McDonald at 385 Wellington Rd.

On June 8, 2011, during his overnight shift, Ryan testified Wednesday, he saw a black man enter the women washroom for more than two minutes, then walk out to get his food with the white man who entered the eatery with him.

They sat down, ate for a few minutes and got up to leave, b air jordan ut not before the man returned to the washroom.

The jury hearing the case has been told a loaded semi automatic handgun was found in the wa air jordan shroom garbage can by police just before the men were arrested.

Later, assistant Crown attorney Laura Casey told the jury, police found a sub machine gun in Stewart car.

Stewart, 32, of Welland, has pleaded not guilty to 18 charges related to the weapons.

The trial heard from Ryan, who described seeing two men enter the restaurant, and from police officers who described finding the gun and arresting the two men.

Ryan said he cleaned the washroom earlier and changed the garbage bags. Part of his routine is to check if anything is in the trash receptacles.

He recalled se air jordan eing a man go into the washroom because male going in was something I would notice. they got up to leave, Ryan saw the men stopped by police officers in the foyer. One told Ryan not to remove any garbage. Moments later he saw police arrest both men.

London Const. John Merklinger said he and another officer had gone to the restaurant on another call and saw Stewart and the other man go inside.

The men were leaving just as the officers headed in. Merklinger said Stewart appeared nervous and was eating quickly.

The men gave the officers some ID and were briefly spoken to. Merklinger agreed they were co operative.

Merklinger said he noticed an employee Ryan emptying the garbage.

Merklinger checked the trash in the restrooms. In the women there were a few tissues in a clear plastic bag. He lifted it and saw the air jordan gun.

Sgt. Steve Simone, the patrol supervisor that night, testified he removed the gun magazine and two rounds, one of which was ready to fire in the chamber.