air jordan Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough P

Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough Part 4

You can’t do a lot up north of the city until after you defeat the Gym leader here, as Galactic grunts will block your path. Instead, shop through the Department Store to find some good items.Head to the house to the right above the PC and talk to the man inside, select the top option, and he’ll give you a Porygon. If you collected the Upgrade earlier, you can evolve it to Porygon2 via trading Porygon2 is a strong Pokemon that can learn a variety of moves.You can get your Pokemon massaged in the southwest of town in the house on the left for free, which is good for Buneary and Eevee since they evolve based on Happiness. You also get items for contests whenever you do it the items are random, and you get only one per day.To the right of the grooming lady is a house where you can talk to a clown and choose the correct hand to get the Coin Case it’s random which hand it’s in, so just keep trying until you get it. The Coi air jordan n Case lets you play the slots up north after the grunts clear out.When you’re prepared, head to the lower left of Veilstone to find the Gym Dawn and Crasher Wake appear to talk to you for a bit. When that’s finished, head inside.This Gym is set up as a puzzle maze if you push a punching bag in the direction of the pole it’s hanging on, it will move that way, and smash any tires it touches along the way. There are three trainers here, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to do.To get through air jordan the Gym, hit the first bag you see on the right, then head up and hit the next bag up, and then up again until it stops near some holes.Now, hit the other bag up to smash the tires and then go up and around the bag you just hit to find another bag. Hit it twice to the left to smash two tires, then go left and then down and fight the trainer there. If he blocks your path, head around to the lower part of the area to keep moving.Head to the upper left corner of the Gym and fight the trainer there, then hit the bag down and then right. Head down to the lower left corner to find two bags hit the one you can reach up, then left, and then down to smash the tires.Once the tires are smashed, hit the next bag up, then right. Head through the place where the tires were, and then push the upper bag right to smash the tires blocking the path to Maylene.NOTE: The tires will respawn if you exit and re enter the Gym, so if you leave to rest your Pokemon at the PC, you’ll need to complete this puzzle again.When you’re ready, talk to Maylene to begin a battle.Maylene uses a level 28 Meditite, a level 29 Machoke, and a level 32 Lucario. If you have a high level Pokemon with Flying attacks, you have Meditite and Machoke covered for Lucario, Fire attacks are great.If you have a Staravia, use it against the Meditite and use Flying attacks to defeat it. When Machoke comes out, you can use a Kadabra if you have it or just keep Staravia out. Once Machoke is finished, Maylene will call out Lucario.Lucario is a Fighting/Steel dual type, so it’s difficult for Psychic and Flying attacks to make much of a dent. It also has Drain Punch, which can kill most anything in one or two hits while healing Lucario’s HP. The best tactic if you chose Chimchar as your starter is to have a high level Monferno use Fire attacks against it. Be sure to equip an HP restoring berry to Monferno before the fight using a Potion during battle against Lucario won’t be worth much if it starts spamming Drain Punch.Recommended levels for making this fight easier on yourself is to have your party at level 40 or higher. When you defeat Maylene, you’ll receive the Cobble Ba air jordan dge and TM60(Drain Punch). To leave the Gym, head to the right and hit the bag down to smash through the last set of tires.After you exit the Gym, Dawn will appear and tell you that Team Galactic stole her Pokedex, and that she needs your help to get it back. Heal at the PC, then head north on the left path to start a 2 vs. 2 battle against some grunts.Crogunk is weak against Flying and Psychic attacks, and Stunky is weak against Fighting and Ground attacks. A Porygon that knows Psybeam and a Graveler with Magnitude will work wonders in this battle.Once you defeat the grunts, Dawn will get her Pokedex back, and Looker will appear to talk to you for a bit and show you where the Galactic Warehouse is. He’ll also point out the HM02(Fly), which you can teach to a Flying type Pokemon to travel quickly to places you’ve already been to.When you’re finished in Veilstone, head south to reach Route 214.Vulpix LeafGreenRoute 214 is a bit different here from Diamond/Pearl there’s several trainers here with rare Pokemon that you might not see elsewhere. Use Rock Smash on the left to find the Magmitizer, which evolves Magmar into Magmotar after you trade it, and you’ll find the Razor Fang hidden in a patch of grass that you can only get to with Rock Smash just press A near the area that doesn’t have grass.Catch a Houndour if you get the chance it evolves into Houndoom early and works as a substitute Fire type if you didn’t choose Chimchar as your starter. Rhyhorn has a new evolution that you can get via trading called Rhyperior that is worth the training as well.Use this route to grind for levels for a bit, and use the VS Seeker on the trainers here to continuously get some substantial EXP. When you’re finished, head south to the Hotel Grand Lake resort.You can get the key to the woman’s room by going to the upper left corner of the main office, face north, and press A. Give it back to the woman waiting outside of her room, then enter the room and talk to her to obtain the White Flute, which increases the chance of finding wild Pokemon.Head to the room left of the lobby to find three people. Talk to the clown to receive TM92(Trick Room), which makes the slowest Pokemon go first for 5 turns, so it’s good for powerful but slow Pokemon in your party.Head to the restaurant and fight the trainers there there are new ones every day, so it’s a decent place to build some EXP. When you’re finished, head through the main office and exit to Route 213.You’ll be able to play the safari style game Great Marsh here, air jordan as well as find the Move Tutor, who can teach your Pokemon any move it can learn as long as it’s at a high enough level to learn it. This is great for those times when you forget a move only to learn something that you discover is useless however, you’ll need a Heart Scale found in the Underground, or wild Luvdisc, which you won’t get until later.